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Blog Development

C.A. Taylor LLC wanted to spread their knowledge further, but between multiple projects and a busy company they never were able to find the time to. They enlisted me to create and manage their blog in order to show their customers that they are more than just another construction company. They wanted to be transparent, relatable, and prove that their knowledge and skillset are beyond anything seen in their local construction community. Through the expansion of my own knowledge, I was able to give them exactly what they needed to set their company apart. Below is a recent post I worked up for them.

Commercial Buildings: How To Draw Eye-Appeal With Function

When you think about a commercial building, what do you envision? Most people think about brick and mortar when they imagine a commercial building. At C.A. Taylor this is one of the biggest misconceptions we run into. Just because a building is commercial, doesn’t mean that it has to be unappealing.

At Drago Indiana, we pulled in multiple elements to create an appealing and functional building to house the growing company. 


Tall Buildings

When Drago Indiana’s founder Ty Brown desired an eye-appealing aesthetic we knew what to do. On tall buildings such as this one, we stretch upgraded wainscoting up to eight feet to help give perspective to the building.


Overhangs on buildings often help to complement the siding. We tend to use big overhangs as it gives buildings more aesthetically pleasing looks. On Drago Indiana we developed a two-foot overhang, along with a commercial eight-inch gutter, ultimately giving the building a three-foot overhang. This provides depth perception and dresses the building up.

The Storefront

At the front of Drago Indiana, we implemented stone, as well as, commercial storefront glass. Adding more detail to the front we included multiple big overhangs and a front porch to give the building a welcoming and friendly feel.


At C.A. Taylor we blend all of these building details in to get the look and feel that you want for your building. Over at C.A. Taylor, we are saying goodbye to boring commercial buildings and hello to eye-appealing, welcoming structures. Believe it or not, a lot of commercial buildings such as a strip mall is pre-engineered steel, but from the outside, you would never know it. So the next time you think about building a new structure think about pre-engineered steel and C.A. Taylor LLC to get you started!

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Take a look at some of the other work I've done for C.A. Taylor LLC here.

Newsletter Development

Often, small businesses overlook newsletters or email lists, believing that they are a thing of the past within the marketing grab bag. The Farmhouse Merc was doing just this until they came to me and I was able to show them that not only is a newsletter and email list important, it is necessary to reach a specific niche of customers.

I worked with The Farmhouse Merc to provide them with weekly newsletters that are simple, sophisticated, and attractive to their customers. I was able to show them that newsletters are not a thing of the past, nor do they have to be complicated or confusing. A simple bit of work can open up the door to a large opening rate.

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