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Hi there! I'm Marlea.

A tenacious, passionate marketer and maker who loves turning bold ideas into impactful & memorable experiences.



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Kind Words

Kind Words

Some nice things smart people I've worked with have to say about me #makingmeblush

"Marlea is hands down the best colleague and friend I've ever worked with. She puts an insane amount of passion and energy into every single thing she does. She's constantly spearheading new projects that blend creativity and business results. Her clients absolutely adore her and do not hesitate to put their full trust in her to get the job done."

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Krista Stillwell

Founder and CEO of Stillwell+Co

"Marlea is one of those unique individuals that can toggle between strategy and execution, seamlessly. She combines a keen eye for detail with a broader strategic mindset that sets her (and her clients) up for success. I would jump at every chance to work with her. She brings a great level of energy and thoughtfulness to any project she works on."

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Sadie Kolves

Author and Podcaster

Curious To Know More?

Curious To Know More?

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